SHONUF the Band



Mike Ice

Michael Adams, Vocalist

Mike Ice grew up in Oklahoma City with his brothers, T-Nyce and DJ Terrorizzer. After forming Krush II with family and friends, he helped evolve Shonuf the Band to what it is today. His wife also features on four songs.



Anthony Singleton, Vocalist

L.T.D. has been an MC/Host for radio and television for over twenty years. Born in Jackson, Mississippi he later moved to Oklahoma in 1974. He met DJ Terrorizzer and Mike Ice around that time he formed Krush II now Shonuf the Band.


DJ Terrorizzer

Terry Adams

DJ Terrorizzer is one of three original members of Krush II that is now called Shonuf the Band. He continues to bring the old school hip hop flavor to the group. He is currently a internet radio show. He has travelled abroad to DJ lots of events.


J Boogie

Jason Doe, Guitarist

J Boogie is the newest member from Denver, Colorado and youngest member of Shonuf the Band who's a left handed guitarist. He was so gifted that when he plays everyone can feel his spirit in the songs, so he always do a solo in all the shows.


Minister of Bass

Shon Adams, Bass

Shon has been playing for his church in San Diego, California for many years. He's always played for churches until his cousin Mike Ice asked him to fill in for an absent bass player. He fit in so well that he decided to join Shonuf the Band and play for his new church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Ralf Lar'n

Sammy Clark, Drummer

He was a judge for Guitar Center Drum Off 2008. Drum Magazine says "Lar'n does what any good hip-hop- influenced drummer does: lays down a grid for the MC to flow over." and "We have to big-up homeboy for keeping this endangered sub-genre alive."



  1. A million Things
  2. Games We Play
  3. Empty
  4. Going Off
  5. Reach



What's NXET?

  1. Far too Gone
  2. Gone
  3. What's NXET
  4. Bastard
  5. I Don't Know




  1. Pressure and Pain
  2. Weirdo
  3. Expose'
  4. Relax Your Mind
  5. It's On



What We Do

  1. Intro
  2. Ughn
  3. Blood On My Hand
  4. What We Do
  5. Load of Me
  6. Love to Hate



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