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The English Prog Rock 3 piece band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994 have a style that has evolved through their 6 studio EPs features experimental electronic instrumentation on top of the solid foundation of a classic three piece rock band's guitar, bass, and drums.



The band has a broad range of influences from Led Zepplin to Nero and Skrillex, they put together a stadium style of rock that works in video as well as radio to an award winning degree, with lyrics focused on geopolitical tumultuousness, human struggles, as well as fable style love songs


Matthew Bellamy

Listed in the 50 Greatist Guitarists Ever, Libertarian Matthew Bellamy pushes boundries and creates new audio aesthitics as the Front Man, lead vocalist, guitarist and song writer of MUSE


Chris Walstenholme

Father of 6, football fan, and self taught Bassist Chris Walstenholme joined MUSE after a pratice together in 1994, and helped write and sung vocals for "Liquid State" and "Save Me"


Dominic Howard

Dominic Howard, who has been playing drums since the age of 12, is the main Percussionist of MUSE as well as the co-producer and original member

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